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As we get older, we must make various important decisions surrounding our finances and general wellbeing. Whether it’s drafting a will, going into retirement or moving into an aged care facility, having professional legal assistance can ensure you make the best decision for yourself and for your family.

At GMS Legal & Conveyancing, our friendly team will be glad to help all senior clients on the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Toukley with any issue. Since 1988, our qualified lawyers have been committed to helping seniors feel comfortable, secure and confident in their future.

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What is elder law?

Lawyers that practice in elder law specialise in dealing with legal issues that are unique to the ageing and elderly community. They are here to provide friendly, clear and personalised advice tailored to you and your family’s situation.

As licensed conveyancers, our friendly team can also help if you plan on buying or selling property, such as downsizing or investment properties. We can review contracts and negotiate prices to ensure you fully comprehend the conditions of any transaction you make

Retirement Villages

The ageing population of Australia means the demand for aged care facilities is increasing every year. Between 2016 and 2026, there is expected to be a 25.9% increase in population of people in retirement age for the Central Coast alone. As a result, this means there will be limited number of spaces available in retirement villages, creating a strict eligibility criteria for these facilities. Your lawyer can help you make an informed decision on your available choices, and make sure you meet the criteria of the facility before you apply.

Due to the lack of spaces available, it’s also common for many senior Australians to feel pressured into settling for an accommodation that’s not ideal for them. We can help you choose the best option by taking the time to understand your needs, financial standing and lifestyle preferences.


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Once you have decided on a facility, the preparations prior to moving have also increasingly become more complicated. We can help you understand the services you are entitled to, and the ongoing contribution you must pay. If you’re confused about the costs involved in moving into a retirement village, or what happens to your estate if you leave or pass away, our team of lawyers can review your contracts and clarify everything for you. This includes examining the terms and conditions of the contract, making sure you’re fully aware of the long- and short-term implications of any decisions you make regarding your future.

If you believe yourself or your family member can benefit from some legal assistance on any of the issues listed above, get in touch with GMS Legal & Conveyancing today for more information.