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If you’re looking to sell or buy property on the Central Coast, get in touch with the team at GMS Legal & Conveyancing. As a local business, we have helped more than 36,000 property owners and more than 60,000 clients with their legal issues.

Established in 1988, our fully qualified team prides itself on friendly and professional service. Not only does our team provide conveyancing services on the Central Coast; including preparing and reviewing sale contracts for residential and commercial properties, we also have a team that can prepare wills, deceased estate matters and elder law. We are here to provide the assistance you need when you’re making some of the biggest decisions in your life.

No matter what the issue is, our conveyancers will always have you best interests at heart, guiding you every step of the way through the most complex matters. If you’d like more information on our services, browse through our recent posts or resources page.

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A Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing

Navigating the complexities of commercial property transactions involves a detailed understanding of the legal landscape. At GMS Legal & Conveyancing, our team of licensed conveyancers offers commercial conveyancing across the Central Coast, providing the assistance and support needed throughout the entire process.

For those buying, selling or leasing commercial properties, our conveyancing team works to manage every aspect of your transaction. Our services in commercial conveyancing on the Central Coast cover contract preparation and review, negotiation of terms and settlement processes.

Ready to navigate the complexities of your commercial property transaction with ease? Contact GMS Legal & Conveyancing today.

Residential Conveyancing

The process of buying or selling a home is filled with uncertainties. At GMS Legal & Conveyancing, we aim to make residential conveyancing a smooth and seamless experience for you on the Central Coast. Our team of licensed conveyancers provides tailored services and guidance to help with your residential property transaction, promoting a smooth and successful process.

Starting from the contract review to reaching a settlement, our residential conveyancing services address each aspect of your property transaction. We assist with conducting property searches and coordinating with financial institutions. This approach helps in managing the transaction process, aiming to protect your rights and clarify the steps involved.

Begin your journey to a seamless home buying or selling experience with GMS Legal & Conveyancing. Reach out to our conveyancers today.

A Residential Conveyancing

Conveyancing Services

Selling Property

Locals Helping Locals

Having served the local community for more than 32 years, we can provide tips and advice on how to prepare your home for sale, and what your responsibilities are as a seller. Learn about the Vendor Disclosure Requirement, and other documents you need to provide if you are planning to sell.

Buying Property

Professional Guidance

First time buying or planning to purchase an investment property? A professional conveyancer will make sure you fully understand and agree to all terms of your sale contract. Never sign anything until it is reviewed by your conveyancer. We can also track important dates and arrange meetings with your financial provider.

Other Services

Wills & Estates

Skilled & Qualified Solicitors

Need help drafting your will? We ensure all requirements are satisfied to produce a legally valid will. Our team can also assist in deceased estate claims, family provision claims and more. Understand the legal terms surrounding estate law to protect your assets and your loved ones.

Buy & Sell

Business Be Protected

Purchasing or selling a business is a complicated financial and legal matter. To protect your finances, it’s in your best interest to have the support of a solicitor to take over your conveyancing duties. They will review all contracts, provide negotiations and ensure you make a fully informed decision.

Our Conveyancers Can Help

Advice You Can Trust

At GMS Legal & Conveyancing, we take pride in our wealth of knowledge in all wills and estate matters, as well as property transactions. Whether you’re a first home buyer, looking to downsize or planning to become a business owner, we have the skills to make sure your assets are protected when you’re making some of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

We specialise in preparing and reviewing contracts for properties and negotiating for the best terms for you.

For more information on what we can do for you, give us a call today or visit us at our Toukley office. We would be more than happy to provide an in-depth consultation to help resolve your troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m planning to buy a home on the Central Coast, why do I need a conveyancer?

A conveyancer’s role is to review all terms and conditions of the sale contract, monitor key dates, negotiate prices and organise meetings with your financial provider. Contact a conveyancer on the Central Coast to protect your finances, and ensure all legal requirements are met.

I’m selling my business on the Central Coast, do I need a lawyer?

While a lawyer is not required by law, it’s in your best interest to have legal representation as business sales can be complicated. Your lawyer on the Central Coast can simplify the process for you. They’ll take care of all required paperwork to ensure the sale goes as smoothly as possible.

I’m planning to retire on the Central Coast. Should I get a lawyer to review my retirement village contract?

It’s always a good idea for a lawyer to review any contract before you sign. This is because your lawyer has the skills and expertise to understand all contents of the contract and will make sure you are fully aware of what you’re signing away. Get in touch with a lawyer on the Central Coast before signing any contracts.

I live on the Central Coast, who should I see if I want to update my will?

You should visit a wills and estates lawyer on the Central Coast if you plan on updating your will. This will ensure your updated will is legally valid, and your old will is terminated. 


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