How A Property Conveyancer Can Help You Sell Your Home

Although most people are clear on the advantages of using a property conveyancer through a trusted law firm when purchasing a property, the case for enlisting the services of a conveyancer when you’re selling may appear less clear-cut. The reality is that the property vendor needs the legal support from a law firm with property conveyancers as much as the buyer. Discover below the essential services that a law firm with licensed conveyancers provides for property sellers.

Ensuring compliance with the law

If you’re selling your property, it’s essential that you comply with the law at every stage. Seeking a law firm with licensed conveyancers will help to ensure compliance, as well as make sure that the documentation you receive from the seller is compliant before you agree to it.

Checking ID to ensure you are the legal owner of the property or entitled to sell it

A licensed conveyancer will ensure you’ve got a suitable ID to prove who you are – they’ll also check that your name is on the title deeds or that you’re legally entitled to sell the property.

Checking if there are any charges or other financial obligations relating to the property

It’s surprising how often a property may have a charge on it – money that’s owed to a creditor from the proceeds of a property sale. In some cases (for example if the seller is selling on behalf of someone else), they may not realise there are charges in place. One of the conveyancer’s jobs is to search up any charges so that they can be settled when the property sale goes through.

Drafting and negotiating the sales contract

Sales contracts are documents that are exchanged between the buyer and the seller. The seller’s conveyancer makes sure that the contract adequately represents the seller’s interests. In some cases, the buyer will want conditions attached to the sale – for example, if the property requires repairs, the buyer may withhold a portion of the sale price to complete the repairs. The seller’s conveyancer will negotiate these conditions, striving to create mutually satisfactory solutions.

Conveyancers are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in property transactions in the local area. They can ensure buyers are aware of the law as it applies to their sale, as well as advise on whether any conditions the buyer stipulating is are reasonable.

Acting as a point of expertise for enquiries from the seller or the seller's conveyancer

Buyers and their conveyancers will almost always have queries, some of which will be of a technical nature. If a property search has uncovered an issue, for example, the buyer will want clarification rapidly. Conveyancers are ideally placed to provide this.

Troubleshooting any delays

Conveyancers have plenty of tips and tricks they can draw on to overcome problems and progress a transaction towards completion.

Providing support on the day of the sale

The seller’s conveyancer will be in attendance when contracts are exchanged, ensuring there are no last-minute hitches.

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